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…is the research, writing and editing of top-quality material that tells your story simply and effectively. We also help create visual content to complement the written word.


  • “The world of agricultural communications needs more people like Phil Stewart. One look at his portfolio should convince anyone that he’s a first-rate reporter, writer and editor. He’s also got a sharp eye when wielding a camera or camcorder. He’s an engaging, personable conversationalist who can put the most cautious, tight-lipped news source at ease. Perhaps most important, he’s a great listener and has a knack for asking thoughtful follow-up questions. My only issue with Phil is that he hasn't found a way to clone himself.”

    Joseph Feeks, CEO / Editorial Director, PR Works, Kingston, New York, USA
  • You have done a marvellous job. You livened up the delivery and the messages within both Vetscript and Deer Industry News no end. What has always amazed me about what you achieve is how, as a non-vet and nonfarmer, you have got such a grasp on the issues and nomenclature that are part of those two industries. You have become recognised as an important part of both the veterinary profession and the deer farming scene in a relatively short period of time.

    Richard Hilson, Vet Services (HB) Limited
  • Phil is the ultimate jigsaw master, page-plan magician, consummate professional, colleague, mentor and friend. It’s not often one finds such a well rounded and incredibly tolerant nature in an editor.

    Leyla Neilsen and Cam Macduff, Wonderlab

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