Great! Another blog

Just what the world needs – another blogger’s voice to fill that great empty void in cyberspace!

I’m an avid reader of several blogs and occasionally chip in to the discussion threads, some of which can be fun, entertaining and enlightening. In a perfect world the blogger’s post starts a conversation, others join in and we end up with some food for thought or knowing stuff we didn’t know before. Of course it’s a far from perfect world and discussion threads on some of our more notorious blog sites turn into fairly unpleasant places with a lot of grandstanding and rock throwing. Touch wood this will be a kinder, gentler blog.

This will be an eclectic mix of observations on current events (it is an election year after all), stuff I encounter through my work as an editor and writer here in Wellington and out on the road, and much else besides.

I will do my utmost to avoid the angry-talkback caller-at-midnight syndrome and try not to use this as a platform for airing pet peeves – but then I’m new at this, so we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll also ensure the posts are updated fairly regularly. I’m also setting up photo and video posts on this site just to add a little interest and ensure it’s not too wordy. And on the subject of being too wordy I shall also avoid these getting too long – longer than a tweet but just the chorus, not the whole song.

So, to quote the venerable Geoff Robinson as he signed off from his final Morning Report on 1 April to the strains of the kokako tweeting: “Goodbye”



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